With a strong reputation for high quality bicycle stands built on reliability and strength, Willworx Bicycle Stands have grown from a small family owned business into a manufacturer of some of the best known bicycle stands in the world.

Currently available in 39 countries, the company continues to grow as fast as the word spreads about our products.

The company was founded by Leon Will in 1998, and continues to provide excellent service to its growing list of clientele.

World Locations of Willworx products

Willworx offer a range of dynamic and robust bicycle stands ideal for individual or combined use as display units in stores, as well as for daily use for bike storage.

Our range of unique cost effective products make Willworx Stands the ideal choice.

The Willworx 'SUPERSTAND' (known in Australia as the 'Coyote') is extremely versatile and durable, offering many years of maintenance-free service.


Patent and Registered Design Infringements Notice
All Persons, Companies, Corporations or Identities who duplicate, replicate, copy or otherwise manufacture or cause to be manufactured, products infringing on the Registered Design or Patents commit an offence.  All infringements are acted upon by legal action by 'Willworx Bicycle Stands' against such infringements.
Legal action will be taken to:
a)     cease the infringement of our Design
b)     recover all profits made as a result of any infringement
c)     recover all legal fees and costs generated as a result of financial loss due to infringements


Enquiries: leon@willworx.com